My process depends on the size of the canvas. For smaller works (under 24 x 24 inches), I draw directly on the canvas. For larger works, sketches are enlarged with drafting paper and then transferred to the canvas. While small works provide an opportunity to focus on detail, larger works allow for an exploration of the tools available to the artist. I love working on large canvases because of the freedom of movement that seems to flow through the painting.

I work exclusively with heavy body and fluid acrylic paint. I appreciate the exciting and often unexpected effects that occur. Window squeegees and a variety of kitchen accessories join brushes and palate knives to lay in large planes of color. Once the foundation of color is set, I explore the variety of coloration by mixing directly on the palette or canvas. Within each color, a multitude of subtle changes occurs. Next, I coax the richness of coloration with delicate transparent glazes. It is this step which provides the “aha” moment which signifies a painting’s completion.